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27 Dec 2014
Hookahs are an ancient tradition from the ancient Middle East and Turkey. The hookahs were associated with sultans and kings who smoked them in the past along with their cohorts. Using a hookah was a high class function and many people used hookah instead of alcohol in social occasions. Hookahs were used by sultans while they were being entertained or just to pass the time in an elegant manner. Many common people copied from the sultans and started using hookahs in their own homes and establishments. The hookahs were considered to be a status symbol and sign of good taste. Get more information about atmos e cig

What Is Hookah?

A hookah is an instrument that vaporizes tobacco and flavors so that it can be smoked. The smoking is done by inhaling from the pipe which is connected to the center of the hookah where the tobacco and flavors are heated and vaporized for consumption. The smoke created by hookah was of flavor and full of tobacco or other substances. Many times elements such as hashish or opiates were used but this kind of hookah use is very rare. Mostly tobacco was the preferred item to be vaporized and smoked in a hookah. Hookah was preferred over leaves since it was elegant, can be refilled and can be stored and retrieved easily.

In places such as Middle east and Turkey there were many specialized cafes which served hookahs for their customers to smoke along with items such as coffee or tea. These hookah establishments were part of the local culture and were always filled with thinkers and dwellers that enjoyed the hookahs.

Water was filled in the compartments below so that the water when boiled will release vapor which would be then carried upwards along with the flavors stored just above the water compartment. Water used was generally clean and flavorless. To generate hear charcoal was mostly used in all hookahs. Get more information about atmos ole liquid vaporizer

The flavors used were different and many. Many times flavors such as rose, or fruits and popular spices were used as flavors along with tobacco. Another item that is also getting popular is a g pen. A G pen personal vaporizer is a tool that can be used by a person individually to heat up substances and enjoy hookah anywhere he likes.

In modern day many hookah bars have emerged which have become popular for a young crowd seeking something new and hip. Hookah bars offer sitting spots where you can sit and smoke hookah for hours. Many of these hookah bars have become popular around the world.


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